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I am registered with the National Registry for Certified Medical examiners, National Registry # 9221125725.

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Welcome to the website for Safety Lane, the office dedicated to assisting you to get the physical exam portion of your Commercial Drivers License.

Safety Lane also does drug and alcohol screenings using a Phoenix 6.0 BAT. Jerry
Dr. Gerald Lane, DC CME

Types of Testing:
1) Pre-employment

2) Random

3) Reasonable Suspicion

4) Post-Accident

5) Follow-up

6) Return to Duty

Please contact us for the rates and fees associated with drug and alcohol screenings.

The rates for the exam are as follows:

The CDL physical is $100 as of January 1, 2016. Presently it is $95.00. We offer volume discounts: 5 or more exams paid in advance (submit the names of the drivers to be examined) will be $90 each (a savings of $10 per exam as of January 1, 2016)

If a company buys a volume discount, for an additional $50 we will go on-site and do the exams at the business, as long as we are supplied with a private room. We will bring an exam table and all necessary equipment and forms.

For Safety Lane to go on-site to your place of business we will need to make arrangements for a date and a specific 4-hour period to do all the exams. Any exams not completed during the allotted 4-hour period can be completed in our office in the Ironbound section of Newark, NJ.

When you come for a CDL physical for your Commercial Driver's License understand the following:

If you have no medical conditions and pass within normal limits for all the testing you may be able to leave with your Medical Examiner's Certificate good for two (2) years.

You will be asked to inform us of as much as you can remember of your medical history. We also may need medical information from your previous medical providers if you give us their contact information. This is essential if you have a history of diabetes or high blood pressure

As medical examiners we are only interested in PUBLIC SAFETY and not your actual health issues. You need to know that we do not diagnose conditions or treat you in this office for any conditions.

You will be asked to supply the medical examiner with the name of every doctor that can verify your present care, can substantiate all prescription medications you are using, and your consistency in maintaining your care and going to your appointments.

You CANNOT be examined if you need to have a hearing aid or glasses to complete the hearing and vision portions and you do not have them with you.

We are interested in your:

This exam is different than any CDL exam you have had in the past for a few reasons:

  1. You are responsible for honesty. You will sign off that you told the truth and you disclosed the truth. If it is discovered at a future time that you failed to disclose information to the medical examiner you will be investigated with the purpose of removing your CDL. It is better just to tell the medical examiner whatever you can so this does not happen to you. The medical examiner is under the rules of HIPAA compliance to keep your medical information private and it cannot be disclosed to anyone without your permission, including your employer. All certification decisions that impact on your certification status is in a central government database and can be brought up by any legal authority by computer at any time.Please understand that if a failure to disclose information is discovered at a traffic stop or an interaction with legal authorities you will not be allowed to continue your transport, no matter
    where you are (you will have to find an alternative way home and driver to finish your load.

  2. You may not get your Medical Examiner's Certificate immediately when you leave the office after the examination for a few reasons:

We will get your certificate to you as soon as possible or inform you when you can pick it us as soon as we verify all your information.

Thank you for working with us at SAFETY LANE to create safe roads!